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TOP DEFINITION (Urban Dictionary)

Mis-pronunciation of the word something.

Also an indicator of low-IQ.

Imbecile A: Have you heard that song somethink in the way she moves by The Beatles?

Imbecile B: I have never heard of anythink by The Beatles. Are they a new band?

I know a living language like English changes but sometimes those changes are ‘wrong’.
The word ‘thing’ is a noun; the word ‘think’ is a verb. Saying ‘somethink’ but meaning ‘something’ is lazy enunciation.
But there’s a reason it’s so common …

The “ing” end of “something” is made in the same place of articulation as a “k”

The back of the tongue lifts at the soft palate for both the sounds. In “ing” the soft palate is lowered so sound can resonate through the nose and your vocal cords happily continue buzzing along. If you stop the vocal cords vibrating and you raise the palate you get a “k” sound. Maybe that happens just as you finish talking and then maybe it becomes more pronounced over time. Maybe it’s an influence of German for speakers who do it since final consonant devoicing is pretty common there.

John McCarthy, Speech Language Pathologist; Ph.D. Communication Sciences & Disorders & Augmentative and Alternative Communication, Pennsylvania State University.

… which strengthens my point: it’s lazy.

It’s use used to indicate a low IQ or poor education; but I’ve heard BBC journalists use it, academics, and teachers.

When the Scots say ‘summat’ it’s called an accent.

Those who use it, probably don’t know they use it, their brain is just mimicking what they hear.

Those who say they haven’t heard it aren’t listening very well.

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Somethink  is an award-winning multi-disciplinary creative studio, founded in 2001. Their purpose is to transform ideas into meaningful design through a holistic approach. They develop brands for the long-term while changing perceptions through creativity.

Somethink is a song by Zoe Taylor Cassals

Somethink is a piece of @electronica by Thin King

Somethink Completely Different by Mwah is a book (new $4.18; used $3.89) about playing (around) with words differently, about being poetic differently, about making you smile differently, about inspiration and wit—but differently. You can buy it here.                     “We recommend this book to all who think with words and like to inspire theirselves with type and funny one-liners.”

Somethink for Everyone by John Walter Cherwonogrodzky (Kindle edition £3.81)is a book with 545 ideas that range from astronomy to the atom to biology to religion and more. You can buy it here

Somethink (NZL) is a mare born in 2014 on September 4 by Rip Van Winkle out of Storm At Sea. The current race record for Somethink (NZL) is 0 wins from 3 starts.

So, what do you thing?





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